Oh how the classics make us all a little happier

Well, it’s the first week in August, and that means that Forza has made a new post in its Garage to announce the next list of cars we’ll get to enjoy in Horizon 3. Just like last week I’m as excited as can be, especially considering this week’s post is primarily dedicated to some pretty damn cool classic cars. There are a few newer rides in there, like the 2001 BMW 1 Series M Coupe, the 2015 Lexus RC F, and the 2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept, but everything else is all old school and what can I say – it makes my bum ticker beat that much better.

This week’s announcement is quite a bit smaller that it was last week, but the value of the cars included more than makes up for the lack of a long list. I’m talking about awesome classics like the 1980 Abarth Fiat 131 or the 1958 Plymouth Fury. Oh god, I can’t wait to get to playing this game already. Anyway, there are a few Fords from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s to go along with a Camaro Z28 and even a 1953 Maserati A6GCS/53 Pininfarina Berlinetta.

Anyway, before I get too excited and waste all day talking here, let’s take a look at the featured cars this week before we go into the full list that was announced. Like I said, it is short, but there’s a little something there that you’ll like regardless of your individual taste in what constitutes an “according to Hoyle” classic. Let’s get to it.

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1948 Ferrari 166MM Barchetta

Forza Kicks it Old School with this Week's Horizon 3 Car Announcement Exterior Screenshots / Gameplay
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This car really needs no introduction, but I’m going to give it the justice of doing introducing it anyway. Believe it or not, the Barchetta name came to be because journalist thought the car looked like a boat (“Barchetta” is Italian for boat.) I short the car had aluminum body panels that were bolted to a tubular steel space frame, which made it unreasonably light but strong. Under the long hood, you can find a 2.0-liter variation of the Columbo V-12 that delivered 140 horsepower and pushed the car to a top speed of 136 mph. Sure, this kind of power isn’t great by today’s standards, but back then it wasn’t all that bad at all.

1953 Maserati A6GCS/53 Pininfarina Berlinetta

Forza Kicks it Old School with this Week's Horizon 3 Car Announcement Exterior Screenshots / Gameplay
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This is one of those cars that makes a man shake with anticipation when it’s heard and glow with excitement when it’s seen. With a body designed by world-class designer Pininfarina, this baby has no true competition as far as I’m concerned. It was built for use in road racing events like Mille Miglia and short-stroke inline-six that pumped out somewhere around 170 ponies. If you’ve never had the chance to see one in person, you’ve truly missed out on something great, but at least you get a mild taste when Horizon 3 hits shelves in stores on online in the near future. This is one car you have to play with at least a little – I promise, it won’t disappoint.

1969 Jaguar MK II 3.8

Forza Kicks it Old School with this Week's Horizon 3 Car Announcement Exterior Screenshots / Gameplay
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If there was ever a car to have in a real-life or a digital collection, the Jaguar MK II 3.8 is that car. Powered by a 3.8-liter six-cylinder, the car was used primarily throughout the 1960s at events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Despite the car’s size and luxurious essence, it was able to defend itself against racers that were literally half of its size. The car is the true definition of a “saloon” and was often a go to for British police and criminals because if you’re going to commit a crime, you might as well get away quick and stylish while you’re at it. Meanwhile, the police had to use them just to keep up with the criminals. If you’re up late enough on a Friday night, you might even catch a seemingly ancient British movie with more than a couple of these cars in it.


Forza Kicks it Old School with this Week's Horizon 3 Car Announcement Exterior Screenshots / Gameplay
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Needless to say, I’m incredibly excited and anxiously awaiting the release of Horizon 3. Only part of that is for the gameplay, though. The other part of my excitement is the chance to play around with all of these awesome cars. Let’s not beat around the bush – automotive journalists don’t exactly make seven figures, so my only chance in owning any of these awesome classics is probably limited to games like Forza. Unless, of course, I hit some major lottery jackpot or something, then you’ll be seeing my real garage rival that of the most well-known collectors in the world. But until then, I have Forza. Here is the list of the other cars that were announced this week:

Year Make Model
1980 Abarth Fiat 131
2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe
1957 BMW Isetta 300 Export
1979 Chevy Camaro Z28
1948 Ferrari 166MM Barchetta
1985 Ford RS200 Evolution
1977 Ford Escort RS1800
1966 Ford Lotus Cortina
2015 Infiniti Q60 Concept
1969 Jaguar MK II 3.8
2015 Lexus RC F
1953 Maserati A6GCS/53 Pininfarina Berlinetta
1977 McLaren F1 GT
1958 Plymouth Fury

If you’re interested in checking out the full list of cars revealed to date, check out the bottom of Forza’s Week 3 post in the Forza Garage.

Source: Forza Garage

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