It appears that the game makers of the upcoming Forza Motorsport 3 are make a strong attempt at earning a bit of respect from fans of the Japanese Domestic Market with a group screen shots from the soon to be X-box video game. Representing the old school is most important JDM ride of all time, the Datsun 510. The capable economy car single handedly jumpstarted the sport compact craze when it came stateside and began winning SCCA races underneath the purebred sports car the 240 Z. They have also included an old Toyota Supra Celica and one of our favorites the Toyota Celica All-Trac, the WRC homologation special.

Forza Motorsport 3 is seeking JDM approval
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Their representation of modern muscle could be a little stronger; there is the V8 powered Lexus IS-F, however it’s not the Evolution model. There is also a Mitsubishi EVO IX and the brand new hatchback STI. It would have been nice to see a TME Lancer and a 22B Impreza with their big wings and boxed fenders, but since this is only a preview things may still work out for the third installment of Forza because they did include the often under appreciated but very proficient Mazdaspeed3.

For the hardcore fans of Japanese motoring, the race cars seen here include the Le Mans racing R390 GT1 from Nissan as well as the R34 Skyline GT-R JGTC car, while the newer Toyota Soarer races in the Super GT. Representing the most advanced form of modern day endurance racing is Acura’s current LMP1 competitor. Overall it looks like Forza will get the JDM stamp of approval, but they ought to think about adding a few more cars from the land of the rising sun like the Toyota 200GT, a Hakosuka GT-R and that 22B we mentioned earlier.


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