There’s no question that the biggest threat to Gran Turismo’s throne in the pinnacle of automotive racing video games is the Forza franchise for the Xbox 360. So you can imagine just how left out Xbox owners must have felt when just about every Playstation 3 owner on the planet was scooping up Gran Turismo 5 a few weeks ago.

Well, we have some very good news for you Forza-playing gamers out there. The next installment of the highly-successful racing franchise – Forza 4 – is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2011. Unlike the gap between GT4 and GT5 – about five years – the gap between Forza 3 and Forza 4 is a mere two years!

The countdown to the release of Forza 4 has officially kicked off after the Forza website released a teaser video of the upcoming Xbox-exclusive video game. Other than this video, details are still scarce about what’s going to be included in the game, but at the very least, Xbox owners won’t have to suffer the same excruciating wait Playstation owners had to go through with GT5.


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  (142) posted on 04.14.2011

All Forza Motorsport games have some serious detailed graphics. They are great games .. I think.

  (728) posted on 04.14.2011

I can’t believe that you are actually cursing this game! Just recently, it was announced that they will come up with newer version for this car and I find it kind of exciting!

  (466) posted on 04.14.2011

@ettore_lombardi, you’d better try playing this game and for sure you will be interested! Just like The gt5 and NFS it has an amazing graphics as well.

  (212) posted on 03.25.2011

Not interested! I’m just choosing between the NFS and GT5. Even if Gt4 and Gt5 have a gap of five years I don’t mind. Just look at the advanced features of GT5 its quite impressive, the long time of waiting is really worth it! 

  (345) posted on 03.14.2011

Forza is one of those sim-racing game and it contains 400+ cars in it.
And with fully furnish interior and exterior.

  (216) posted on 02.8.2011

Cartoon arcade racer for kids. Best racing games are FM3, GT5, RBR, Enthusia, iRacing, GP4, GP legends. Maybe Shift2 will be good too.

  (247) posted on 02.8.2011

Test drive unlimited 2 is AWESOME screw FM3, if anyone has any sense pick up a copy you will not be disappointed.

  (780) posted on 12.19.2010

Depends on the developer, in most cases they create a primary game and the port and optimize it to each platform from there which is why some games have bugs even on all platforms. Might help to research middleware before blindly claiming things

  (340) posted on 12.16.2010

GT5 is a fine game, but after a week I sold it. It’s simply not realistic enough. iRacing blows it away. On a side note, iRacing should be added to the poll, because neither GT5 or Forza come close to it.

  (461) posted on 12.15.2010

Unfortunately the full potential of Blu-ray is never exploited in gaming. The PS3 is the only system that supports the format, so many developers opt to use DVD across the board.

  (26) posted on 12.15.2010

I’ll have to share it’s price with a friend and play on another friend xBox lool

  (70) posted on 12.15.2010

Very nice trailer, I’ve enjoyed every second of it!

  (808) posted on 12.14.2010

Forza is all about everything you do in between races. the game, while you are turning the wheel, is not really great. almost all tracks are way too narrow or cars are too big. there are no "lines" to pick

  (807) posted on 12.14.2010

To get this massive performance out of the MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport, the manufacturer used a re-programmed ECU and a new exhaust system.

  (206) posted on 12.14.2010

Us Forza folks did not feel "left out’ in the least. While GT fans were waiting and waiting for GT5 to come out we were enjoying our game.
The best part is GT5 is still not as good as F3, so when F4 comes out it will absolutely kill GT5.

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