A torrent of new information on the upcoming Forza Motorsport 6 has just been dropped at E3 2015, including a roster of over 450 cars, 26 locales with over 100 different track configurations, new wet-weather and night racing, 24-car races, reconfigured career mode and a sooner-than-anticipated release date of September 15. In related news, it might be time for me to buy an Xbox One.

Confirming what was leaked last week, this new trailer shows off some stunning in-game footage. Here we get a good look at the Ford GT “hero car” that also graces the cover of Forza 6, and several other incredibly detailed exteriors, interiors and engine bays, complete with opening doors, hoods and trunks. It’s incredible to see it all in action, but let’s take a deeper dive into what Forza 6 will offer.

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As previously mentioned, Forza 6 will launch with 450 cars, with more to be released later as downloadable content. All are ForzaVista models, which means they have fully rendered interiors, mechanical bits, working gauges and headlights, doors that open and full damage states. The roster will also be far more diverse than Forza 5, offering more of the race cars, supercars, classics and automotive oddities that have always made Forza stand out.

The first 100 cars have been announced, and while there are too many to list here, highlights include the 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari, 2015 Lamborghini Huracán, 2014 McLaren P1, 2013 BMW Z4 GTE, 2015 Audi R18 e-tron quattro, 2015 Jaguar F-Type R and the aforementioned 2017 Ford GT. More will be announced in the next few months. Forza’s outstanding tuning and livery customization options also make a return.

Forza’s Loyalty Rewards program allows players to earn unique cars in the months leading up to launch and for playing previous Forza games. Various cars will be awarded to Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2 players, while players of older Forza games on Xbox 360 will get in-game credits based on the size of their previous garages.



Forza 6 gets 10 new environments, five of which were unveiled at E3. These include Rio De Janiero (which makes its return from the very first Forza game in 2005), Daytona International Speedway, Watkins Glen, Brands Hatch and a newly rendered Indianapolis Motor Speedway that includes the 2014 renovations. Popular tracks like the Nürburgring, Road America, Sebring, Road Atlanta and Spa all return.

Weather and Day-Night Cycles

For the first time in a Forza game, Forza 6 will have dynamic weather and day-night cycles. As it begins to rain, droplets form on cars, puddles begin to accumulate on track surfaces and grip lessens. Turn 10 Studios has created 148 different surface types and each will feel slightly different based on the amount water on the tarmac. In addition, puddles create drag on tires, meaning they can slow your car and impact its trajectory. Bad tire choices could also send you hydroplaning into the nearest barrier.

As the sun sets, you’ll be forces to rely upon your headlights to see what’s ahead, especially in dark areas like the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans. But it’s more than just eye candy. Cooler ambient temperatures reduce track temperature, which reduces grip levels, meaning you’ll have to take it a little more gingerly at night.

Multiplayer and AI

With 24 cars on track both online and offline, expect things to get crazy during races. It’s by far the largest race field ever seen in a Forza game. Offline opponents use Forza’s Drivatar system, which collects data player data to shape the driving styles of AI opponents. First introduced in Forza 5, this new Drivatar System promises even more improved human-like behavior.


Forza’s career mode has come in for a complete overhaul and encompasses over 70 hours of gameplay. Called “Stories of Motorsport,” the new career mode is divided into volumes that take players to tracks around the world and focuses on various times in automotive and racing history. You’ll also be able to select volumes based on what car you want to drive at any given moment.

Showcase events are short races sprinkled throughout career mode that drop players in unique situations, including autocross, endurance races and recreations of legendary moments in racing history.

Forza Motorsport 6 Confirmed For September 15 Exterior
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Why it matters

We’re sure to learn a lot more about Forza 6 in the coming months before its September 15 release date, at which point we might go missing for about a week.

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