If you’re into racing games, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of games like Forza and Gran Turismo don’t have Porsche models in them – except for the ten that were available in Forza Horizon 2. Have you ever wondered why so few games have Porsche models? Well, that is because Electronic Arts – the brand behind the Need for Speed franchise – owns the exclusive rights to Porsche vehicles in video games. It seems that will always be the case, but just like we saw with Horizon 2, it looks Electronic Arts, Porsche, and Xbox are working together to bring a major Porsche pack to Forza 6.

Accidentally leaked just a couple days ago on Amazon, and quickly removed thereafter, it looks like a new Porsche pack will be available March 1st for Forza 6. Of course, this isn’t exactly new news, as it was announced back in June of 2015 that the Porsche experience would come to Forza 6 in 2016. This leak, however, has given us some new details on what we can expect in coming months. There should be a total of 20 different models in the pack, with nine of them being “new to Xbox One.”

When the Porsche expansion for Forza 6 was leaked, only a couple models were listed, but we now know that we should expect to see the 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster and the 2015 #19 Porsche Team 919 Hybrid as well. In addition to these two cars, the leak also revealed that Virginia International Raceway will come with the pack, and will be available in seven different configurations. Furthermore, expect to get 48 new events, new Porsche-themed multiplayer events, new mods, new badges and 250 new Gamerscore achievement points to earn. All of this looks to come at a cost of $20 here in the U.S. Not a bad price for all that content huh?

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Why it matters

Obviously, the posting of the Porsche pack was an error on Amazon’s part, but I love the fact that it happened and got noticed by the public before it was taken down. It’s nice to know that Porsche will be coming to Forza 6 because, to be honest, I was starting to wonder. I’m not that fond of paying $20 for a content pack, but if the leak revealed accurate information, it sounds like the pack will be well worth it – at least if you’re a fan of Porsche. I mean, let’s be honest – the new Need for Speed is great, but as far as track-based simulation goes, you really can’t beat Forza. Finally, we’ll be able to play around with, mod and tune a large number of Porsche vehicles in Forza 6. I for one can’t wait. I just hope I’ll be able to make the time to get in a little gameplay here and there.

Porsche 919 Hybrid

2015 Porsche 919 Hybrid High Resolution Exterior
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