But even for a free game, some say the new mobile Forza title should best be avoided

Hype around a possible mobile Forza game was extremely high, even though some people in the know warned that the upcoming title wasn’t what people were expecting. In fact, as it turns out, the new Forza Street game is not even a new game, but rather a rebranding of an older game that Microsoft launched last year, one that never really saw much success, called Miami Street.

Forza Street and Miami Street Are the Same Game - Talk About Lazy

Miami Street is a mobile racing game that launched last year and was met with mostly negative reactions because of the fact that it doesn’t really allow you to control the car. All you are supposed to do in this game is tap the screen to make the car brake or shoot nitrous, and that’s really it. Aside from this, you just watch cars racing around on their own without the ability to intervene - think of it as a very shallow and unsatisfying racing team management game.

Now it’s been rebranded Forza Street and launched under the new name, but it is exactly the same game, albeit with minor changes that don’t really improve any aspect about it.

Just like the original, it is free to download and play on iOS and Android devices (as well as the PC, inexplicably), but it does use a pay to win model that encourages players to spend real money in-game to advance much further than they would otherwise.

The game relies on cards to give the player new cars. Everything is handled by a spin of the wheel and you never know what you’re going to get. It even has daily login bonuses, you know, like those games whose developers know are bad, but they devise schemes to incentivize players to launch the game every day because by doing so they get a reward. It’s such a bad model that I’m extremely surprised that the Forza franchise (quite a prestigious one as far as racing game series go) now includes such a crap game.

All Forza games so far have been very good - not all of them truly excellent, but most are at least very good.

And now we get this load of auto-driving, card-collecting, wheel-of-fortune-spinning nonsense under the same Franchise name and it’s frankly ridiculous, a slap in the face for fans of the series who I’m sure were expecting something else. So, if you were hoping for Forza Street to be your go-to mobile Forza experience, then you will be sorely disappointed. Avoid this title, it’s not worth playing, even as a free download.

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