Back in February, we brought you the intriguing pictures of a four-door Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG which was roughly sketched and somehow leaked onto the internet. Just a little under six months later, confirmation has finally come from AMG in regards to the four-door SLS AMG.

While being interviewed by Autovisie, CEO of AMG Ola Källenius confirmed that a four-door SLS isn’t currently being planned and never will reach production or concept form as the pictures were simply of an old concept, first discussed during the initial development of Mercedes’ halo-sports car.

In the interview, Källenius roughly stated "These four SLS is absolutely not. That was an old concept, an idea that anyone ever came during the development period of the SLS. Striking how such a story suddenly a life of its own." Excuse the poor English, as that’s just a brief translation of what was said in Dutch.

The most interesting thing about this denial is how late it came after the patented drawings originally surfaced. We’re sure the Mercedes team saw the drawings when they were first leaked onto the net, yet for some strange people they decided to just let the rumors run their course until memories of the four-door SLS slowly faded out of our minds.

Either way, we’re still not convinced that Mercedes isn’t in fact developing a new four-door sedan even if it’s not based off the new SLS AMG GT. We’ll just have to wait around and see if it ever comes to fruition.


Source: Autovisie

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  (394) posted on 06.19.2012

I am not even surprised with the company’s decision.

  (596) posted on 06.19.2012

I was hoping for this concept to change its style, but unfortunately, it still remains non-appealing.

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