• "Framing John DeLorean" is the Summer Movie You Need To See

John DeLorean lived a very eventful life, to say the least

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John DeLorean is, without question, one of the most colorful and interesting personalities the auto industry has seen. As the founder of DeLorean Motor Company and the creator of the Pontiac GTO, DeLorean’s fingerprints can be seen in all sections of the auto industry. His life is a fascinating story, and we’re all going to see it play out in movie theaters and video-on-demand when the movie Framing John DeLorean, starring Alec Baldwin as John DeLorean, comes out on June 7. In addition to Baldwin, the movie also stars Morena Baccarin (Deadpool, Homeland), Josh Charles (Dead Poet’s Society, The Good Wife), and Cristina Ferrare (Home).

Ask any veteran of the auto industry about John DeLorean, and you eventually get two separate reactions about the man. Either he was a genius of an auto engineer, or he was an obsessive man who never stopped in his goal of building the ultimate sports car. By now, we all know how that goal went.

John DeLorean went from being a hotshot engineer for General Motors to a maniacal entrepreneur who wished nothing more than to develop the sports car of the future.

Whatever you think of him, the nearly two-hour movie aims to answer a lot of questions surrounding the life and times of DeLorean, specifically his meteoric rise through the ranks of General Motors, the passion and dedication that led to the development of the Pontiac GTO, and the controversy that surrounded his decision to leave General Motors in 1973 to start his own company.

"Framing John DeLorean" is the Summer Movie You Need To See
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At this point, we already know a great deal about the DeLorean Motor Company and the sports car that was supposed to shoot the automaker to the moon. The DeLorean, which was featured in the Back go the Future movie franchise, was supposed to be the sports car of the future. It was supposed to reinvent the very idea of what a sports car was all about.

Unfortunately, neither the DeLorean nor the DeLorean Motor Company managed to reach the heights it was supposed to reach. Soon after the development of the DeLorean sports car started, the company quickly ran into a multitude of problems, including production delays brought about by a lack of finances.

The need for cash led John DeLorean to the world of drug trafficking where he was arrested in 1982 for conspiring to traffic cocaine.

He was even filmed discussing the deal with undercover agents, and while DeLorean was eventually acquitted, the stain from that scandal had a wide-reaching impact on him and the company he started.

These days, a lot of people know about the DeLorean through the lens of the Back to the Future franchise. It’s easy to see why, too, since the car itself is what we most remember when we hear about the DeLorean.

But behind the mystique and adoration of one of Hollywood’s most important movie cars is a story of “money, power, politics, drugs, scandal, and fast cars.”

This is the story of John DeLorean, and we’re going to see it play out in movie theaters this summer.

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