Let’s face it – we generally look at automatic camera and radar systems, highway patrolmen, and speed traps as revenue generation tactics. Their whole purpose is to catch you in the act and provide the opportunity for you to be fined for breaking traffic laws. This revenue generation is pretty bad here in the U.S., but nowhere near as bad as it is about to be in France.

On Friday, October 2nd, 2015, French lawmakers passed a number of new laws that make the revenue generation tactics here in the U.S. look like child’s play. First, there will be 10,000 false hunters cabins built along various interstates within the country. Radar systems will be installed in these cabins at random, but to prevent mapping of which cabins have radar, the radar systems will be moved periodically to unused cabins. You’ve got to give them credit – this is a pretty sneaky tactic. But it gets worse.

Drones will also be used to track down drivers that are speeding, driving recklessly, passing illegally, not using turn signals, or breaking just about any other traffic law. France currently uses helicopters to observe and catch those who break traffic laws, but the use of a chopper comes with a cost of about €1,500 (nearly $1,700) per hour. Each drone that will perform the same function will only cost €30 (about $34) per hour to operate. The drones can be deployed just about anywhere by police officers or other authorities with ease.

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Why it matters

To put things into perspective, 49 drones can be deployed at the same cost it would take to deploy one helicopter. Needless to say, revenue generation and the number of fines issued will probably shoot through the rough. If you’re someone who thinks every highway in the U.S. is the Autobahn, it’s about time you start thinking differently. It’s only a matter of time before the same laws become a reality here in the States and other countries around the world.

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