Self-driving EV concepts! Self-driving EV concepts everywhere…

It seems like with every auto show cycle, excitement over electric power and autonomous capabilities grows just a little bit more. This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show is proof positive of that – between new concepts from Audi, Mercedes, Renault, Honda, BMW, and Jaguar, among others, you’d be forgiven for thinking our battery-powered, robo-driven future is all but confirmed at this point. Of course, this raises a number of questions: how long till we get there? Will I still be able to drive my own car? Will internal combustion completely bite the dust?

Well, I’m here to put things in perspective – while many of these major automakers are adamant that self-driving, electron-powered passenger vehicles are just over the proverbial horizon, it’s likely the changes will be relatively gradual. So don’t worry – it’s not like Dieter Zetsche is gonna snap his fingers and in an instant turn your Camaro into something resembling the EQA Concept.

First up, let’s talk about electric power. EV producers still have a ways to go before battery-powered vehicles overtake gas-powered vehicles in terms of convenience (and convenience is essentially why we all have cars anyway, right?). After all, long charge times and range anxiety are still very much a thing, and although both are seeing significant improvements as of late, the ICE still has a significant advantage. What’s more, unless the U.S. follows in the footsteps of China and Europe and decides to ban new gas- and diesel-powered vehicles in the next few decades, stateside consumers will likely continue to enjoy explodey juice options long into the foreseeable future, even as the rest of the world goes electric.

The same goes for autonomous vehicles. Once again, we see self-driving tech making huge strides in the past few years, but large-scale adoption is still many decades away. Making it all work in a lab is one thing, making it work in the real world is quite another, especially with unpredictable factors like human drivers out there to challenge the algorithms.

Don’t get me wrong – the self-driving EV’s are indeed coming, and with them, all the benefits (environmental, safety, etc.) you’d expect. They’re just not quite ready yet.


Audi Elaine Concept

The Elaine Concept Puts Audi's Autonomous Ambitions On Display High Resolution Exterior
- image 731359

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Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept

2017 Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA High Resolution Exterior
- image 730880

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Renault Symbioz Concept

Renault Symbioz Is Like A Mobile Room High Resolution Exterior
- image 731033

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Honda Urban EV Concept

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BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept

BMW i Vision Dynamics Previews Tesla Model S Fighter High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Jaguar E-Type Zero

2017 Jaguar E-Type Zero High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 729973

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