For now, we’ll not get into the debate on whether the Audi Q5 will be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show or not, but what we will do is enjoy these new and clearer pictures of the car which have come out on the net.

The Q5 is positioned below the Q7 and Allroad models. We expected the Q5 ’s unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show but China appears to be a better location after seeing them unveil their Cross Coupe Quattro at Shanghai last year.

The Q5 will be spacious enough for five people and Audi has expressed no intentions on a seven-seater version. The Q5 will probably be the first model to be equipped with the in-house seven speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG Audi S-Tronic). Four cylinder engines, V6s, and TDI engines borrowed from the A4 will power this mini-SUV.

The Q5 is based on the company’s Modular Longitudinal Platform (MLP) found on the A4 and A5. MLP allows Audi to place the longitudinally-mounted engine and transmission further back behind the front axle and helps elongate the wheelbase without modifying the car’s exterior dimensions.

Will the same platform be used to make the smaller Cayenne? Audi’s board members are against the whole thing fearing such a model will wipe out the Q5, but with the increase of Porsche’s stake in VW, there are chances of the so called Porsche ’Roxster’ turning into reality. At least we hope it happens.


Source: Petrol Head

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  (6023) posted on 03.23.2008

very sweet

  (6023) posted on 03.22.2008

The car is photoshopped and it appeared on the internet a while ago. Notice the different colors on the front and back view yet the same plate number. I also don’t think Audi would take two undisguised Q5’s out for a spin in the same location long before it’s actual reveal date.

Nice photoshop anyways, but I hope the car would look nicer.

  (6023) posted on 03.22.2008

Nicely photoshopped ... a clash of A3, A4 and Q7. Hopefully the Q5 will get a more differ design.
I’m curious about this "Roxster" thing.

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