Where art though thee, Eddie Jordan?

Now this is what a trailer should look like. Don’t get me wrong, the previous trailer had its share of action, but this one takes the cake. This trailer is arguably the first one Top Gear has released that shows us the entire motley crew that’ll take the reins from the departed Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond.

We get to see Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc yet again. But now we get our first extended look at Sabine Schmitz yelling as she pounds the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in an Audi R8 V10 Plus. There’s also a shot of Chris Harris doing Chris Harris things with a Ferrari F12tdf, Rory Reid looking stoic as hell, and Evans having to withdraw his lunch in a way not suitable to show on TV. Oh, and McLaren driver Jenson Button also makes an appearance, as does Ken Block’s Ford Mustang Hoonicorn, and of course, our favorite tame racing car driver, the Stig.

There are other highlights of the new trailer. We see Evans and LeBlanc driving patriotic Reliant Robins. We also see a Dodge Viper ACR and a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with what looks like machine guns strapped on their respective roofs. And if those aren’t enough to get your juices going, we also got shown a parade of British sports cars, an Aston Martin Vulcan doing doughnuts, and lots and lots of McLarens.

That’s enough action to make me excited about what the new Top Gear has to offer. It remains to be seen if the new hosts will be able to have the same chemistry that Clarkson, May, and Hammond had. But as far as automotive action is concerned, I’d say the show is off to a great start.

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Why it matters

Now this is what a trailer should look like. It’s good to see how the show is coming together, but I still don’t know if we’re going to see a studio segment like what Clarkson, May, and Hammond did during their time.

Car reviews will still be at the forefront and that’s where I imagine Chris Harris and Sabine Schmitz will excel. Some stunts will also be part of the program and we saw that a few times with the American sports cars taking on a fighter jet. Oh, and those silly but hilarious challenges that Clarkson, May, and Hammond used to do? It looks like we’re going to be seeing more of that with Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc. That said, I still don’t know how Rory Reid and Eddie Jordan fit into the picture, but I’m past the point of scrutinizing what I initially thought of as having one too many chefs in the kitchen. Right now, all I want is to see the first episode. That pilot will say a lot about what we can expect from the show moving forward.

And let’s not forget about dear ‘ol Stig, the real star and hero of Top Gear. He’s going to be prominently involved once again, but the specifics of how he’s going to co-exist with the six hosts remains as one of the new show’s biggest secrets. Is he going to play nice with the new fellas, or is he going to be a double-agent for his three former co-workers?

The answer to that, like everything else, will be revealed soon enough.

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