• Full Photos Of Lancia Stratos

Until now, we have only seen a few photos here and there of the one-off Lancia Stratos, but those haven’t showed many details on the car. That being said, we have been hoping that the car would be made into a production machine, and there have even been rumors that it would happen, but for now, we are unsure.

This Lancia is a one-off build for a rich German businessman by Pininfarina. There haven’t been any new details released on the car, but this is the first time we have seen large photos. Under the hood is a 483-horsepower motor that came from the Ferrari 430. The body is carbon fiber and the chassis is shorter than the 430’s. The only questions that we still have revolve around the interior and the performance figures.

After seeing the photos of this car, we can only hope that the company decides to put a few into production. We would be happy with 25 examples.


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