The editors at NADAguides, a leading vehicle information website, today announced their favorite ’Fun in the Sun Vehicles’ of 2006 — rides sure to thrill on the open highway or in the open water. The selections were hand-picked by the editorial experts at NADAguides in seven separate

NADAguides Favorite ’Fun in the Sun’ New Car

2006 Pontiac Solstice GXP Convertible, MSRP: $25,995

Fun in the Sun Vehicles
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"This year it’s all about having fun," said Mark Perleberg, lead auto expert at NADAguides, "and the 2006 Pontiac Solstice GXP is definitely an enjoyable ride. With 260hp and Direct Injection technology, this is a super fast little roadster wrapped in a high-polished, sleek-and-chic design." Perleberg likes the unique front and rear fascias and the high-revving Ecotec engine and anticipates this will be a favorite with Tuners at this year’s SEMA show. And at 2.1HP per cubic inch, the Solstice GXP is the highest engine output in General Motors’ history. "I wouldn’t say the Solstice is a direct competitor of the Mazda Miata, but rather more in line with a mini-Corvette. Overall, this is a good-lookin’ car with plenty of power under the hood," said Perleberg, "and it’s a great value too."

NADAguides Favorite ’Fun in the Sun’ SUV 

2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, MSRP: $28,735

Fun in the Sun Vehicles
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An American standard, this year’s NADAguides favorite ’Fun in the Sun’ SUV — the 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon — was a unanimous favorite among the company’s editorial experts. "The 2006 Wrangler combines classic Jeep styling with excellent on- or off-road handling capabilities," said Perleberg, "and you can’t beat its top-down driving on a warm and sunny
summer day." The Unlimited Rubicon features a 103-inch wheelbase, a Rock-Trac(TM) transfer case, front and rear Tru-Lok(TM) locking differentials, four-wheel disc brakes and diamond-plate sill guards. "What we really liked about this SUV is its unique Sunrider(TM) soft-top sunroof,
in addition to the top-down option," said Perleberg. If you opt to keep the top on, you can peel the soft-top back over the front seats to create a large opening — bigger than a standard sun-roof. Perleberg’s final say?

"The Unlimited Rubicon combines tough-as-nails performance with top-down summertime driving enjoyment."

NADAguides Favorite ’Fun in the Sun’ Highline Exotic 

2005 Porsche Carrera GT, MSRP: $448,400

Fun in the Sun Vehicles
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"The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT is a thrill-seeker’s dream," said Don Christy, Jr., president and CEO of NADAguides. "With 605HP and a top speed of over 205mph, this 5.7L V10 is pure adrenaline on wheels." One of Christy’s favorite mechanical features is the car’s ceramic clutch (usually designated for racecars and, at first, a little tricky to master) that allows the engine to sit lower in the chassis, ultimately improving the car’s aerodynamics and sharper performance road course handling. With an automated rear wing spoiler that deploys at higher speeds and with
acceleration capabilities that propel the car from zero to 60 in just under 3.5 seconds, the Porsche Carrera GT easily made the NADAguides ’Fun in the Sun Vehicles’ list as this summer’s favorite highline exotic. Additionally, the rarity of this car makes it a hit with collectors since Porsche only produced approximately 1,250 units. "I can’t say enough about this car,"
said Christy. "Once you hear a Carrera GT go through the gears and get up to speed, you’ll never, ever forget it, and with an experienced driver behind the controls, this is a tough car to beat on a road course. The Carrera GT is one heck of a Le Mans-inspired, street legal race car — a
real beauty on the outside and a sheer powerhouse under the hood."

NADAguides Favorite ’Fun in the Sun’ Collectible Car

1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible, High Retail: $46,250

Fun in the Sun Vehicles
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When HBO’s hit show Entourage featured a 1965 Lincoln convertible in its opening credits, the editors at NADAguides sat up and took notice. "This is a true classic through and through," said Steve Ferguson, collector car editor at NADAguides. "1960’s Continentals are definitely
making a comeback." Commonly known as a ’suicide door Lincoln’ or a ’Kennedy Lincoln’ (this was J.F.K.’s car of choice), the mid-’60’s Lincoln Continental convertible is fetching huge money at auctions across the U.S. these days, with the average price rising about 26 — 30% over the last
five years, according to Ferguson. At approximately 19 feet long and 6,000 pounds, this gentle giant is a favorite among celebrities, Hollywood types and collector car aficionados alike. "This is the next big collector domestic convertible," said Ferguson.

NADAguides Favorite ’Fun in the Sun’ Motorcycle

2006 Suzuki M109, MSRP: $12,399

Fun in the Sun Vehicles
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"The Suzuki M109 has it all," said Alex Lezama, assistant motorcycle editor at NADAguides. "We really like this bike’s futuristic design and its price tag at just under $13,000 — not only is this motorcycle affordable, it’s excellently engineered and its cutting-edge style sets the standard for future motorcycle design." The M109 boasts a liquid-cooled, V-twin, 109-cubic-inch 1783cc engine designed for quick throttle response and, according to Suzuki, 123 horsepower at the crankshaft. From a design perspective, the bike features flowing lines, spiral spoke alloy wheels, an innovative trapezoidal-shaped halogen headlight, and a stylishly wide fuel tank that leads into attractive side covers. The bike is available in three sleek colors — blue, black or silver.

NADAguides Favorite ’Fun in the Sun’ Recreation Vehicle

2006 Fleetwood GearBox S4 300 FS, MSRP: $32,371

Fun in the Sun Vehicles
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There’s a new revolution in RV’ing and it’s called the Sport Utility Trailer — a uniquely designed travel trailer that features living quartersin the front and cargo space in the back. Also known as ’toy haulers,’ these multi-functional recreation vehicles are taking the industry by storm. That’s why the editors at chose the Fleetwood GearBox S4 300 FS as its top ’Fun in the Sun’ recreation vehicle for the 2006 summer season. "The GearBox is versatile enough to sleep ten people comfortably, yet functional enough to haul your favorite ATV, motorcycle or wave runner," said Lenny Sims, vice president and RV editor at NADAguides.
The GearBox features an electric overhead loft, a full-service bathroom, a galley sink, an optional screen room, a power winch, an entertainment center and a motorsports package featuring fuel cell storage, heavy duty roof ladder, interior and exterior work benches and a riding gear storage shelf.

NADAguides Favorite ’Fun in the Sun’ Boat

Party Cruiser 32-I/O in the Sun Tracker series by Tracker Marine, Retail Price: $34,275

Fun in the Sun Vehicles
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"The Party Cruiser is a floating fiesta just waiting to happen," said Judy Applegate, marine editor at NADAguides. "This is one of the more luxurious and roomy pontoon boats on the market, with a length of over 34 feet and a generous deck width of almost nine feet." With room enough for 15, the Party Cruiser 32-I/O by Tracker Marine features 135 horsepower, a 36-quart cooler, a 45-gallon roof shower tank, deluxe lounge seating, an enclosed helm station, oak galley cabinets with storage and an optional air conditioner, among other amenities. "This boat has it all — good looks, functionality and comfort with on-the-water entertaining in mind."

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