You’d think that with a little over a month until it premieres and with the Super Bowl Sunday already behind us, there wouldn’t be any reasons left for Universal Pictures to launch another trailer for the highly anticipated "Furious 7," yet it happened. The latest spot is approximately half the length of the Super Bowl ad, giving a very concentrated preview of Paul Walker’s final film. As most of you know, the seventh installment of the "Fast and Furious" franchise has been plagued with bad luck during development, with producers even contemplating not releasing it after Walker was tragically killed in a car crash before filming ended.

Set to open in theaters on April 3, Furious 7 will use a reccuring cast mostly, but will also introduce Jason Statham and a number of new characters. Speaking of which, despite being known as Ian Shaw in Furious 6, it seems that Statham’s character in the new film will be called Deckard Shaw instead. According to the synopsys, he is the main villan in Furious 7, set to avenge his brother’s death from the previous movie.

Body doubles and CGI were used to keep Paul Walker’s character going throughout the film, with two of his brothers also providing voiceovers for the character Brian O’Connor. Directed by James Wan, known exclusively for horror movies until now, Furious 7 is expected to feature a large number of cars and car chases, with the trailer above showing a W Motors Lykan Hypersport jumping from one building to another in a seemingly unfinished CGI clip.


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