We already have a lot of info about the Fiat’s future models, but at an Investor Meeting held on London from 15 to 16 November, Fiat released a document that confirmed future models until 2010.

Alfa Romeo will launch the compact Junior in the third trimester of 2008. Its maximum power will range from 95 hp for the standard model to 230 hp for the GTA version. In 2009, Alfa Romeo will launch the future C Segment, a sporty 5-door hatchback. Under the hood there will be a range of engines with power between 120 hp and 265 hp for the GTA version. Also, in the same year, the limited edition 8C Spider will be launched. It will be powered by a 4,7 liter V8 engine that will produce 450 hp.

In 2010 Alfa Romeo will launch the C Crossover, a 5-door sporty crossover, placed between SUV and coupe and also the 169, a 4-door sporty sedan. Alfa Romeo hopes the sale will raise to 300k units by 2010, with best sales coming from future C Segment (28%), Junior (25%), 159 (25%) and future C Crossover (14%).


Lancia launched the new Musa Phase 2 in early October and hopes the same will raise to 40.000 units. In 2008 the company will launch the Delta HPE, a sporty yet practical model that will reinvent Lancia Tradition. Company hopes the sale will raise to 70.000 units. And finally in 2009 we will have the chance to see the new Ypsilon, the ultimate small luxury car. Lancia hopes to sale around 125.000 units. It will be serious competition for Audi A1 and Mini.

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