Audi seems to be an alphabet soup of future coupes. We know there will be a V10 version of the R8, we’re waiting on seeing a concept car for a sedan/coupe A7, and looking for a V12 diesel version of the R8 likely caller the R10.

But those are the known quantities. What Audi is keeping us in limbo about are the smaller coupes. Audi could be working on an R3 as a version of Volkswagen’s new roadster (and a replacement for the TT); there could also be a R4 based on the upcoming smaller Porsche Boxster; or there are also rumors about a R6 to compete with the current Boxster’s size.

If the R4 or the R6 make it to production will probably depend on the wishes of Audi’s new corporate parent Porsche. If Porsche sees an opportunity to build one of both of these cars without cannibalizing from its own sales, then these will likely see the light of day.


Source: Global Motors

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