Rolls-Royce is doing their best to define the NGS, New Generation Saloon. Draft by the Silver Shadow, the future Baby-Rolls is already on the development stages. Even if it a junior version of the gigantic Phantom, it will have the same dimensions as the Mercedes S-Class, Maybach 57 and BMW 7-Series.

From its big brother, the future Rolls Royce will take the new aluminum platform and the motorizations: there will be a 6 liter engine with 8 cylinders and 12 pistons. Rumors are also talking about a turbo-diesel engine and a hybrid unit that will be added to a later date.

The design will be inspired by the 101EX Concept, but it will also share parts with both next generation BMW 7-Series and CS Concept.

The future NSG will debut in 2009 and the commercialization will begin in 2010 at an estimated price of $250.000.


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