It doesn’t matter how slim and compact the Bentley Continental GT would be, you have to admit that it is one of th most heavier coupe on the market. It’s 2350 kg make it be as heavier as many of the sedans or even SUVs on the market. There’s no wonder why the car need a turbocharged W12 engine to help it moving easy. But this solution is a real killer for the planet. And this is exactly what Bentley plans to change on its models.

The decision is no surprise, if you consider that the latest concerns are the energy prices and global warming. And if you add the new laws giving by the European Union about the fuel emission, when a diet is definetly a need.

Stuart McCullough said that he plans to change "Bentley’s philosophy" that is now focused on big, heavy cars. In the future the Bentley models will get smaller and they will use lighter materials, rather than massive lumps of steel.

Also Bentley has announced that they will offer a new version of the Arnage that will arrive around the end of the decade. And according to various sources, it will be a markedly more modern sedan than the long-lived four-door now on the road.

Source: TheCarConnection

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