Eco-minded car enthusiasts may no longer have to feel guilty for not trading in their M3 for a Prius. BMW is realizing that even the most powerful cars on the market need to get greener. After talking about a V6 turbocharged engines for future M models to cut CO2 emissions, BMW has now announced hybrid-drive is also under consideration.

According to the German carmaker, the current output combination of a gasoline and electric motor is still too low and cannot be used in high performance cars. But BMW is considering using technology from Formula 1 called KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). Just like in production hybrid cars, KERS uses a generator and battery to store energy during braking. But what makes this system unique is that it’s said to be five times smaller and about five times more powerful than systems in a conventional hybrid.


Source: Auto Motor Und Sport

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  (68) posted on 07.25.2008

damn! that’s pretty gret stuff! damn high tech stuff! since you talk the talk, i hope you can walk the walk bimmer! goodluck!

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