Future BMW M5 will be powered by boosted V8

BMW could create a twin turbo V8 powered M5
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The folks over at Inside Line have done the legwork and confirmed that the future BMW M5 will indeed be powered by a smaller turbocharged V8 as opposed to the super sedan’s current high revving V10 in an attempt to bring the luxury automaker’s fuel economy figures more in line with the new industry standard. Although the thought of a Formula One inspired 9,000 RPM ten cylinder engine screaming in a mid size sports sedan is too much to tempting to pass up, a smaller engine makes more sense for the future. In fact, BMW already offers quite a few cars with turbocharged V8 engines, this way the technology can trickle down more easily into the rest of the German automaker’s lineup.

BMW could create a twin turbo V8 powered M5
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The X5M and X6M are already powered by a 4.4 Liter twin turbo eight cylinder engine that already makes a maximum output of 555 HP and 5000 lb-ft of torque. Perhaps an M badged model would receive a bit of an increase in bore and a stroke to see the engine displacing closer to 5.0 Liters thanks to a set of lightweight forged pistons. It would have to be built to handle the additional pressure from an upgraded set of turbochargers to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 HP. With a highly versatile modern day direct gasoline injection system, the high performance power plant can be tuned to run efficiently when not creating as much power as possible.

The other benefit of a super tuned future M5 is that every other owner of a turbocharged V8 Bimmer stands to profit from a host of possible second hand performance parts range from turbochargers and intercoolers to waste gates and engine programs that will make hot rodding a BMW with factory parts fashionable once again. Unfortunately for fans of smaller high performance German automobiles, the sleuths at Inside Line also uncovered that just like Audi, BMW isn’t planning on pushing a motor sport inspired 1 Series compact in the U.S. anytime soon.


Source: Edmunds Inside Line

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Uncia  (868) posted on 10.6.2009

BMW is a sports as well as luxury manufacturer, but the M5 is a pumped-up luxury sedan; not an all-out race car like the GT-R or Supra. Turbochargers are best for these cars, being intended as collector and occasional track-day vehicles, but are too expensive and too picky in terms of maintenance for a classy luxo-performer like an M5. Superchargers, though not quite as performance-boosting as turbos, are still more powerful than you’ll ever really need and are more affordable and much more livable for commuting.

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.6.2009

I have always seen BMW as a Premium sportscar maker rather than just a luxury carmaker. When I think luxury, I think Lexus and Audi.

Uncia  (868) posted on 10.4.2009

I personally perfer turbos too - I’ve been in a twin-turbo Supra before, and its 60-120 mph acceleration is indeed quite the sensation. I’m just saying that for a luxury car like BMW superchargers are more practical.

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.3.2009

I still prefer turbos though. The sudden thrust when you get in the torque meatband is an experience like no other.

Uncia  (868) posted on 10.1.2009

You could always twin-supercharge it like Koenigsegg and eliminate the lack of high-rpm power and still save development and ownership costs.

AK47  (1024) posted on 10.1.2009

As I’ve said before, a supercharger would be useful for low end grunt in a low displacement engine. Manufacturers don’t need that in a big displacement engines, unless they happen to be the GM idiots. Plus superchargers tend to lose out at higher revs and whats a BMW without a decent revving engine that makes peak power near redline?

Its a domestic without the driving experience.

Uncia  (868) posted on 09.30.2009

I never understood why BMW uses turbochargers so much. Turbos, while more powerful and more efficient than superchargers if done right, are expensive and extremely particular in terms of maitenance. For track vehicles like the 911 and Supra turbochargers are the way to go, but superchargers are more appropriate for luxury performers.

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