As we reported a few weeks ago the next big thing from Fiat will be the reborn of the Topolino, which arrived in 1937 and was one of the smallest cars in the world at that time. And now AutoExpress imagined how the future car might look like. The 2010 Topolino will compete with cars like Toyota IQ, Smart Fortwo, and future Volkswagen Up!

The Topolino takes some styling inspiration from Fiat’s existing range, with large, bold headlights and a neat lower grille. However, its tiny dimensions mean that elsewhere it’s a radi­cal departure for the firm and represents a new design direction.

It also features a new layout. As with the up!, the Topolino will be rear-wheel drive and have its engine mounted underneath the boot. This allows engineers to maximize interior space and ensure the car complies with crash regulations.

Tpolino will be powered by Fiat’s forthcoming 900cc two-cylinder petrol engine, which will first debut in the 500 later this year. While the 500 is likely to come with two versions of this engine – a 105bhp turbo or a normally aspirated 65bhp unit – it will be the latter that powers most Topolino models.

This is mated to a Volkswagen DSG-style twin-clutch gearbox, while the car is also equipped with a stop-start sys­tem, which can switch off the engine when it’s not needed in traffic. As a result, the Topolino should return fuel economy of more than 80mpg and emit less than 90g/km of CO2.

Topolino i likely to hit showrooms in 2010.

Source: AutoExpress

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