Infiniti will launch a new ’new type of hybrid’ powertrain in its new FX SUV sometime next decade. This new system will enable the electric motor to continue to assist the petrol engine at higher speeds and for sustained periods, offering significant fuel savings on the highway and motorways.

Current hybrid systems, like the one used in the Lexus RX400h, leave the powertrain to work in petrol-only mode at higher speeds, with electric motor assistance for just quick bursts of acceleration. However, the Infiniti FX will still be able to run in electric-only mode around town and during stop-start progress.

In 2008 Infiniti will launch a new FX with V6 and V8 petrol engine. A diesel also will be offered and rumors say it will be the new 3,0 V6 dCi with an output of 265 CV recently developed by Renault.


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