Now that the Indian automaker, Tata Motors is the new owner of the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, the manufacturer has announced that all future models will use light weight bodies made from aluminum in order to reduce not only their own costs, but it will also increase fuel efficiency because the engines will be pushing around less mass and as a result they will experience a reduced fuel consumption and lowered emissions in their vehicles. In an even more environmentally conscious step, both brands are also preparing a host of hybrid engines.

In a recent interview, Tata Motors Chairman, Ratan Tata said that "Jaguar and Land Rover is planning to have all its future cars constructed with light weight aluminum bodies resulting in considerable savings in weight, and reduction in CO2 emissions."

Just a short reminder, the 2010 Jaguar XJ is the first Jaguar model built on the one time English automaker’s aerospace-inspired aluminum structure technology. Aside from all of the green advantages that come with a light weight body, one very important aspect is that both straight line speed and a vehicle’s ability to go around a corner is greatly increased as well.


Source: Motoemag

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