As you know by now, Lexus is working on an own version of the Toyota Prius Hybrid. And now here are the first renderings of a more luxury Prius.

The Lexus Prius will be powered by a .8L 2ZR engine instead of 1NZ and will debut in 2010.

The Lexus will have the roofline profile similar to that of the Prius, but will have distinct Lexus styling in sync with the "L-finesse" design language.

The Lexus version would cost over $30k and obviously be equipped with luxury amenities; current internal code for the car is 812L.

Due to cost reasons the next-gen Prius should still be using NiCAD batteries. However, Toyota has had a Lithium-ion Vitz hybrid in limited production for awhile, and the Lexus version may be equipped with Li-On batteries due to the higher selling price would allow enough margin to incorporate the more expensive batteries.


Source: VW Vortex

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