• Future Toyota Sports Car Could Cost More Than $50k

    A $50k+ Toyota sports car? It's gotta be a Supra, right?

Go ahead and file this in the drawer for “unsurprising,” but Car and Driver is reporting that the upcoming sports car collaboration between Toyota and BMW will hit the market with a price tag above the $50k mark. Considering the car is going to be a replacement, at least spiritually if not in name, for the Toyota Supra, it makes sense to see Toyota attempt to place the coupe upmarket. The fact that it will be using BMW technology also helps point to its higher price tag. As a simple marketing exercise, Toyota would not be able to market a car for $30k that is using similar tech and drivetrain technology as a car that BMW might sell for $75k.

The actual Car and Driver article claims that some inside sources are saying that the car will likely cost more than a base Corvette. Once again, while this information may not be surprising, it does give us some solid insight as to what Toyota and BMW are actually building. To blatantly say that the car will be more than a Corvette shows that America’s sports car is a likely benchmark target. That gives even more credence to the rumors that the new Supra will debut with more than 400 horsepower.

The most tantalizing piece of this news for me, is the speculation about BMW’s model. As the Toyota will be $50k and up, how will BMW differentiate its model from the Toyota. C&D offers that the BMW could be a Z4 replacement with a drop-top only, and the Toyota could exclusively be a coupe. But the BMW may move even higher in the market with more power, lower weight via CRFP tech borrowed from the i Series program, and an even more premium price tag. Imagine a BMW coupe targeted squarely at the 911.

As always, we will let you know any new information about the upcoming two-door from Toyota and BMW. Just keep it locked here on TopSpeed.

Why it matters

Toyota needs more excitement in its lineup. A new Supra will be a great shot in the arm for the company in regards to improving its standing with enthusiasts, but this news of the car’s price tag brings with it other good news. If Toyota keeps the new BMW designed car upmarket, that still leaves room in the lineup for the cheaper Scion FR-S. There have been rumors that the car that was designed with Subaru will be killed when the BMW car arrives. It seems that from a pricing and performance standpoint, both cars can live on.

Toyota Supra Rendering

2020 Toyota Supra Exterior Exclusive Renderings Spyshots Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Source: Car And Driver

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