Chinese automaker wants to make a name for itself in the European market

GAC Motors has pulled the covers off of the GS5 SUV at the Paris Motor Show, signaling the Chinese automaker’s intent to become a major player in the European SUV market. The GS5 is the ninth model to come out of the GAC, which is only celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The relatively young automaker is banking on the GS5 to help establish the brand in a market that hasn’t been kind to Chinese auto brands in the past. There’s no timetable for the GS5’s launch in the European market, nor has GAC announced pricing for the SUV.

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GAC Motors Reveals the 2019 GAC GS5 at the Paris Motor Show
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Give credit where credit is due. GAC Motors is betting on the European market with a new SUV that has some good qualities to it.

The GS5 isn’t going to be in anybody’s auto wishlist this coming Christmas, but it’s also not a clunker.

The SUV has a good design. It has full-LED lenticular headlights with three diamond cuts on the single side. It’s integrated into a massive Hyundai-like grille that makes the SUV look wider. Big intakes on either side of the bumper also give it a sporty look. The side profile is impressive, too. It has an ideal stance for an SUV, emphasized largely by sharp and muscular shoulder lines. GAC doesn’t mention the GS5’s dimensions, but it looks big and long enough to justify its status as an SUV. The rear section scores some points, too, specifically the integrated taillights that are made up of 190 LED particles.

There’s no mention on how much power it’s going to have, but GAC did say that the SUV comes with the automaker’s third-generation 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The engine, according to the company, is mated to a six-speed Aisin automatic transmission.

That’s the extent of information we have of the GS5 at the moment. It’s worth mentioning, though, that GAC has used the GS5 name in the past, specifically under the Trumpchi brand. It’s unlikely that a connection’s going to be made between the two, which bodes well for this new SUV because the other GS5 didn’t exactly move any needles.

GAC Motors Reveals the 2019 GAC GS5 at the Paris Motor Show
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But now, the company is optimistic that this GS5 will fare better than its bland namesake.

It certainly has no choice but to be optimistic given how far it’s come in the industry despite being only 10 years old.

So, here it is, folks. GAC Motors has introduced the GS5 SUV at the Paris Motor Show. Where it goes from here is anybody’s guess. For the sake of the Chinese automaker behind it, here’s to hoping that it can succeed in paving the way for the auto brand to carve up a presence in the European market.

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