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If you were thinking about upgrading to the Galaxy Note 7, you probably noticed that your service carrier’s website shows an unknown or rather extended shipping date. So, you go for a Google search and find out that the Note 7 has been recalled because of battery issues. So far, there has been at least 35 incidents regarding the Note 7 and its ability to randomly blow up. Samsung has since initiated a recall, but that recall didn’t come soon enough for one man in St. Petersburg, Florida who is not only out a phone but his Jeep as well.

According to local news outlet, Fox 13, Nathan Dornacher and his family were out doing some summer yard selling. After purchasing a desk, they traveled back home to offload it, at which point Mr. Dornacher left his Note 7 charging in the center console of his Jeep Grand Cherokee. After offloading the desk, the family sent their daughter and the family’s service dog back out to the Jeep, but the dog – doing his duty – made it known that something wasn’t right. Upon looking out the window, Dornacher realized that his Jeep was engulfed in flames. Lucky for them, they hadn’t sent their daughter and dog back to the Jeep any earlier, or the family could be suffering a loss much worse than a phone and a jeep.

Dornacher advised Fox 13 that his Jeep was a “point of pride” as he had made many upgrades to the vehicle. Now, the vehicle is a total loss, and the family must now find a new vehicle. Samsung has been made aware of the incident and told Fox 13 that they are working with the family to investigate the situation and will do everything they can for him.

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Just what’s going on with the Note 7?

Samsung has already issued a massive recall for the Note 7 that includes the opportunity to exchange the phone for a new one, a different model, or to receive a refund. Of course, this recall and exchange program – one that affects 2.5-million phones – didn’t come soon enough for some. Just earlier this week one exploded and caused some $1,400 worth of damage to a hotel room, and now another Note 7 has claimed a family’s vehicle. According to Samsung, it’s an issue with the battery and not the phone itself, so if you’re still rocking a Note 7 and haven’t taken part in the recall yet, you might want to at least invest in a replacement battery to prevent something similar happening to you. As far as the Dornacher family, it’s unfortunate that they have lost their Jeep. It sucks to lose something you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into – but at least their daughter and service dog weren’t in the vehicle when it happened. Needless to say, this situation could have been infinitely worse. Hopefully, Samsung does the right thing and takes care of this family.

If you still need to return your Note 7, you can take it back to the retailer you purchased it from, or you can contact Samsung directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG. If you don’t have the time to take care of it right away, at least do your car and home a favor and don’t leave it charging unattended. If you do, you could be out a lot more than a new phone.

Source: Fox 13 News

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