Ever since the Lamborghini Diablo, the exotic Italian super car manufacturer has been offering their high horse power machines with the beauty of rear wheel drive. The added traction not only allows the engineers to pump more horsepower through the raging bull’s drive train, but the future owner will have also have an easier time making use of it. Unlike all of the current Lamborghini models, the automaker is considering a new two-wheel drive version of their smaller Gallardo super car.

The proposed LP550-2 would send all 550 HP from the Lamborghini’s mid mounted V10 directly to the rear wheels, without having to worry about spinning an auxiliary power robbing driveshaft. The LP would be a much more pure driver’s car that should not only give the driver more feel, but also even better top end performance than the standard version.

The new two-wheel drive Lamborghini will be 10% cheaper than the LP560 and will also be about 70 pounds lighter. The simplified Lamborghini will sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.9 seconds and only 250 examples will be made. You can expect to see a rainbow of power slides when the Italian coachbuilder releases the LP550-2 in variety of 8 wild exterior finishes. What’s not to like, the cheapest Lamborghini is also the fastest and one of the most exclusive, we can see no reason why collectors around the world won’t snatch these up as soon as they roll out of the assembly plant.


Source: GT Spirit

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