Although the Japanese automaker hoped that their new Nissan GT-R will remain as previously built and not be modified, the „Godzilla” raised the interest of some tuners like Amuse and Mines who recently set new lap records on the Tsukuba Circuit in Japan.

Today, another tuner revealed its tuning program for the GT-R. Garage Defend, a well-known tuner unveiled their kit for the new Nissan. This kit contains custom carbon-fiber canards, which according to the manufacturer are fated to improve cornering stability and braking performance, a carbon-fiber grille replacement and maybe the most visible feature, the Voltex GT wing which helps improve the downforce of the car.

The car also features now a suspension kit which is adjustable and helps the car to be more stable on the road. At the interior the care „lost” its Recaro sport seats in favor of the new Bride buckets. Maybe the most interesting feature on the car is the boost controller which is fated to control the boost level produced by the car. In order to make the engine sound more interesting, Garage Defend also added F-Ti sport muffler which also helps the car to gain more power.

Source: nihoncar

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AK47  (1024) posted on 04.27.2008

ATrain4122, you dumb little sh*t. First, drifting is a sport where rear wheel drive cars are popular. Just because THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, TOKYO DRIFT had a EVO in the drift sequences doesn’t mean four wheel drive cars are suitable for drifting.(the EVO by the way, was converted to rear wheel drive). Using drifting to support your arguement is what can be expected from you.
And better handling, dumbass I own a R33 GT-R so I do know how the GT-Rs handle. I also own a WRX and I do race both my cars so don’t tell me about racing. Oh, by the way, my GT-R delivers 567hp and my WRX 310hp.

Just by your drifting comments I can see how much you pretend you know just by watching the movie mentioned above.The bodykit by the way is unnecessary because the GT-R has a drag coefficient of .27 which makes it just about the most aerodynamic car of all time.

Dumbasses like you want to talk cars but all you have ever really driven is some front wheel drive junk.

Calling me dumb while you yourself are incapable of writing a decent comment is just another prove of how dumb you are.

AK47  (1) posted on 04.27.2008

Get over it nerd tha car looks better and wow so se put a suspension kit on it get tha over it u need it if u drift or race u dont no any thang u dum

AK47  (1024) posted on 04.18.2008

Leave it to a group of idiots to ruin a perfectly good car with a dumb colour that will appeal only to the colourblind(no offense to anyone with the defect) and unnecessary bodykits. I haven’t driven the GT-R but if its handling is anything like its predecessors, only a sissy will want a suspension kit.

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