Geely, the new owners of Volvo, have big plans for the Swedish car brand. In fact, they have the kind of plans that could lead to an increased production volume that could invariably lead to a bigger global presence.

According to Reuters, Geely is ambitiously looking at reaching the 150,000 annual sales unit plateau in the coming years. Not surprising in the least bit considering that the Chinese automakers just invested millions in Volvo with the hope of revitalizing the Swedish car brand.

Known for its impeccable track record of being one of the safest cars on the planet, Volvo has a few models on the pipeline that are slated for releases in the coming months, including the XC60 SUV as well as the S60 sedan. Geely expects both cars to do better than expected and is already seeking to ramp up production volume by opening a new Volvo production facility in China. There’s no word yet on where this new facility is going to be built, but word has it that both Beijin and Ningbo have emerged as front-runners on where the new facility is going to set up shop.

After purchasing Volvo fromFord, you can pretty much expect that Geely will take full advantage of tapping into its home market of China, which is fast becoming one of the largest auto markets in the entire world. That advantage in itself will go a long way in reaching that 150,000 mark Geely has set for Volvo by 2015.


Source: Reuters

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  (745) posted on 09.8.2010

Is this feasible? Let’s see their production before 2015 or else they’ll change their mind.

  (648) posted on 07.5.2010

I hope with those number, no single volvo will be recalled for malfunctions.

  (859) posted on 07.4.2010

they are also planning to built the X60 locally to lessen it’s costs and to save more benjamins.

  (16) posted on 07.1.2010

@Adam Valentine, I don’t know if you are referring to Geely Automotive when you ask about the cars they are to share with us, but the corporate site is here:

http://ra nds/international/Geel y_FC.html
(sorry if the link didn’t come through that well, hard to post links that long on this site)

When you go there, click on Showroom at the top of the page and you can see what they have to offer. Most look like Chevy, Oops I mean Chevrolet, rip offs with the Cobalt and Malibu. Although they are really unsafe, GM has began import small Chinese trucks for the Texas market back in August or September. But it only a matter of time before we see more Chinese cars. Hopefully American car companies will step up their game quicker this time so they do not get surpassed by foreign companies like they have before

  (780) posted on 07.1.2010

Safety is of paramount is important for China, especially considering that dry wall made in China will make you sick and pet food will kill your pet (or older relative living on low income and consuming pet food).

  (765) posted on 06.30.2010

Is there any photo of the cars made there to share with us please ? or any English website that contains Gallery ?
Is it that red Coupe that is shown sometimes on the top of this site or not ?

  (16) posted on 06.30.2010

Why do you make it sound like Volvo is barely selling any cars. Last year, they sold 334,808 cars through the Volvo Car division and produced a slightly smaller amount. I believe what you mean is they plan to reach 150,000 cars sold in China as a new Plateau by 2015, not in total quantity of sales. With their current figure of 22,405 sold last year, a 77.3% increase from 2008, Volvo should be on track to surpass that goal with the financial backing of the Zhejiang Geely and Daqing.

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