And I really mean short trips because you don’t want anyone else to see you in that car (at least I don’t want to), except when you’re on the golf course. This small car, road legal, with a battery autonomy of 30 miles is produced by a company called Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), a division of Chrysler.

I know, this is another boring electric vehicle that operate on a 72-volt battery system and plug into a standard 110-volt outlet that can be recharged in approximately six to eight hours, and has the “amazing” top speed of 25 mph. But what impressed me was the variety o vehicles based on a similar design, and the ways this mini-car can be used: trips to the dock, golf course or club, for transporting equipment in warehouses, or even making daily trips to the market, school or office, even the police use the GEM car, so they have to be good.

If you buy a GEM car you can chose some optional features like the color, a 7.0 horsepower motor, an audio system, dash-mounted fans, a dome light, grab handles, even heated seats, and other interesting things.

These are the vehicle produced by Global Electric Motorcars:

  • GEM e2 NEV — a two-seat vehicle similar to a golf cart
  • GEM e4 NEV — a four-seat version of the e2
  • GEM e6 NEV — a six-seat version of the e2

Pickup truck versions

  • GEM eS NEV — a two-seat with a 39" x 48" flat bed with a 330 pound cargo capacity.
  • GEM eL NEV — a longer-bed version of the eS with a 70" x 48" flat bed with a 700 pound cargo capacity.
  • GEM eL XD NEV— a heavier duty version of the eL with a 70" x 48" flat bed with a 1,100 pound cargo capacity.
GEM the perfect car for short trips
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GEM e4 is the best choice for someone that wants to drive a environmental low speed car so these are its specs:
Curb Weight: 1,290 lbs
GVW: 2,200 lbs
Payload Capacity: 910 lbs
Length: 128"
Height: 70"
Width: 55"
Wheelbase: 102"
Cubic Feet of Cab: 78 ft
Turning Circle: 32 ft
Tires: 12-inch street-rated
Range: Up to 30 miles
Top Speed (High Mode): 25 mph
Top Speed (Low Mode): 15 mph

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  (534) posted on 02.21.2010

It would be great service for hotels and golf courses you know. I wonder why they haven’t made any hybrid buses just as yet. I mean think about all the emissions that buses give out on the daily basis. If they would run on hybrid or in electricity, there will be a whole lotta breathing and fresh air in the city.

  (9) posted on 06.6.2008

i think i can run faster than that!smiley

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