The wild tuners at Gemballa have just unveiled a new tuning package for the powerful Porsche Cayenne SUV. Dubbed the GT 600 AERO 3 Sport Design kit, the all new aggressive styling package transforms the look of the Cayenne from a potent all terrain sports vehicle into a pavement pounding super car slaying machine. If that bulging body suddenly appeared in our rear view mirrore our first instinct would be to change lanes.

Gemballa GT 600 AERO 3 Sport Design
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The kit consists of a new GT style hood covered in Magic White paint with vents on either side of the bulge to let hot air escape and lower the under hood temperature. A completely new front fascia with larger air intakes, side mirrors with integrated flashers, an assortment of logos and a few Carbon Gunmetal inserts. While the inside consists of a set of SPC seats up front and a new interior design kit that makes the most of carbon fiber trim. The Gemballa rides lower to the ground thanks to an electronic lowering kit that eliminates any fender gap between the Cayenne and the 22 inch Gemballa racing wheels that house the Gemballa big brake system. Not to mention the new exhaust.

The engine has also been modified to deliver a maximum output of 600 HP @ 6400 rpm and 650 lb-ft of torque. This much power makes the 0 to 60 MPH sprint last only 4.6 seconds while the tuned Cayenne can now reach a top speed of 177 MPH.


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