The Porsche super tuners Gemballa have just revealed their latest toy, the Mirage GT Matt Edition, a flat black version of the hottest Carrera GT ever made. The matte wears a bodykit that is identical to the Cardon Edition revealed back in February except that this one is given a stealth like appearance by the lack of reflective surface.

Gemballa Mirage GT Matt Edition
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The interior is a stark contrast from what’s outside, the colorful center caps on the wheels are the only aesthetic touches to the exterior, but the inside has been recovered in beautiful blue and grey suede. Even the headliner now matched the seat inserts, steering wheel and dash.

The GT is powered by a Gemballa V10 engine that delivers 670 HP and 465 lb-ft of torque. The new stealth special edition is capable of hitting a top speed of 208 MPH. The vehicle’s acceleration has been improved as well; reaching 60 MPH in 3.7 seconds and 125 MPH in just 9.7, the stock vehicle can hit those speeds in 3.9 seconds and 9.9 ticks of the chronometer respectively.


Source: Gemballa

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  (9) posted on 07.14.2009

it’s disappointing to see this piece of art ruined. anyone think they should bring it back ?

Yea I understand...
Then again Hollywood keeps making remakes of films that were "Perfect" the first time.

  (4) posted on 07.12.2009

is this stupid or stupid . it’s like makng perfect better nonsense plus that interior color what is that a matte black car wth white and blue interior it’s disappointing to see this piece of art ruined. anyone think they should bring it back ?

  (9) posted on 07.11.2009

Not sure if I like the "Flat" paint or not.

http://urb andreamcars.blogspot.c om/2007/04/dream-cars- carrera-gt.html

  (9) posted on 07.11.2009

looks like something batman would drive.

Or at least something the "Actor" that played him would drive.
Who else could afford it?

BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.10.2009

looks like something batman would drive

BMWM6  (9) posted on 07.9.2009

Let me make sure I have the right!
Just in case the $440,000 Carrera GT was not "Hot enough for you; there is a custom version?
http://urbandreamca 4/dream-cars-carrera-g t.html

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