It was quite a let down when General Motors announced that they were going to cancel</ any plans for a high performance version of the 21st Century Pony Car the 2010 Camaro. The act was understandable at the time, the General was facing bankruptcy and cost cutting was priority one, that left no extra cash to develop a fire breathing super Camaro. Although a high cost limited production car would not make much sense from a sales standpoint, it would definitely serve as a halo car for the brand, getting customers into the showrooms and inspiring them to think about a V6 Camaro or even a Cobalt.

It looks like the once ill-fated Camaro Z28 is back in some way shape or form. This rendering shows a Camaro with a redesigned front bumper with a unique grill treatment and a larger rear wing than the standard issue vehicle. Z28 emblems come stock. Perhaps the Z28 could differentiate itself from lesser Camaros with something as simple as new front and rear fascia and a new set of lightweight rollers. And of course, badges.

Chevrolet is left out in the cold when it comes to real modern muscle car competition. The Camaro SS is a strong fighter, but just quite can’t compete with full-blown factory hot rods like the Shelby GT-500 and Challenger SRT-8. The Z28 would solve all that, initial rumors suggested that the bowtie brand’s big dog will get a high output version of the small black V8 with a roots super charger pumping out somewhere around 550 HP. No matter which version of the LS motor that General Motors decides to put in the Z28 Camaro, we just hope that they will hurry up and push the button and send this car into production.


Source: Camaro5

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  (1) posted on 07.14.2009

my buddy got smoked by srt8 in his could have had some work done on it not sure.camaro’s are weak,gutless,junk he wont even get out the slow lane when he see’s me coming!!!!

  (17) posted on 07.1.2009

You have to be kidding, A SS will walk a SRT8. They are at the same power level and the Camaro weights 300 lbs less.

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