It will develop and sell transportation tech to the U.S. military

The U.S. Military now has a new supplier of vehicles and futuristic technology. General Motors announced its creation of a special division within the company designed to cater to military hardware, designed both by GM and in conjunction with the specific needs of the military. It’s called GM Defense LLC and is already working with the U.S. Army and Navy with at least three projects. According to a report by Automotive News, GM officials say GM Defense is "helping GM better anticipate and react to the diverse needs of global aerospace and defense customers."

GM Defense’s latest project is SURUS, or the Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure. The hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle is fully autonomous and has a nearly limitless number of configurations thanks to its flat top designed to accept various accessory components like personnel cabs, cargo containers, and even mobile command and hospital pods. Preceding SURUS is GM Defense’ hydrogen fuel cell-powered Chevrolet Colorado ZH2, a modified Colorado mid-size pickup designed as a support vehicle for the U.S. Army. Both SURUS and the ZH2 boast silent operation with no smells or emissions, which are perfect for sensitive combat operations.

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GM’s New Military Division

GM’s first hydrogen-powered vehicle for the military is an unmanned underwater drone for the U.S. Navy

GM Defense LLC resides under GM’s Global Product Development arm, which is headed by Mark Reuss. Charlie Freese, the executive director of GM Global Fuel Cell Business, will oversee GM Defense LLC.

"This new business structure will enhance GM’s productivity, agility, and affordability in a very dynamic customer environment," said Charlie Freese, executive director of GM Global Fuel Cell Business, in an emailed statement to Automotive News. "Our goal is to make it simpler and more seamless to do business with General Motors."

GM’s first hydrogen-powered vehicle for the military is an unmanned underwater drone for the U.S. Navy. The Navy is looking into hydrogen-powered drones for expended missions spanning weeks or months at a time.

Of course, this isn’t the first time General Motors has worked directly with the U.S. military. GM had a defense division from 1950 to 2003, similarly named General Motors Defense. That division was sold to General Dynamics. Its products include vehicles like the CUCV K5 Chevrolet Blazer; CUVC Chevrolet K10, K20, and K30 Pickups (prior to the Silverado name); the newer LSSV Chevrolet Tahoe and Silverado; and the eight-wheeled Stryker armored fighting vehicle.


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Source: Automotive News

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