• General Motors Reaches Dex-Cool Settlement

General Motors Reaches Dex-Cool Settlement
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General Motors has reached settlement in a class action lawsuit stemming from alleged defects in Dex-Cool, the GM developed coolant used in GM vehicles since the mid-1990’s. Under the terms of the settlement, those who owned certain V-6 powered GM vehicles may be eligible for payments as large as $800 each.

The settlement applies to as many as 35 million customers and is considered one of the largest products liability lawsuits against any automaker.

Dex-Cool was blamed for cooling system failures, including leaks and clogged radiators.

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Under the provisions of the settlement, only those who have paid for Dex-Cool related repairs will receive payments. The amount to be paid will depend on the age of the vehicle at the time of repairs, with the largest sums paid to those whose vehicles were closest to new in age at the time of the repairs. Those who made multiple repairs will be able to claim multiple payments.

The settlement applies only to those who purchased GM vehicles with 3.1, 3.4. 3.8, and 4.3 liter V-6 engines within 7 years and 150,000 miles of new.

General Motors has previously claimed that Dex-Cool, the first of the organic acid technology based coolants (OAT) used by a major auto manufacturer, was not responsible for the various problems attributed to it by some vehicle owners. It has taken the position that problems attributed to Dex-Cool were the result of improper vehicle maintenance by owners are commingling Dex-Cool with non OAT coolants.

GM’s spokesperson indicated that GM elected to reach the settlement because pending lawsuits were “time consuming and expensive.”

The settlement applies to residents of all states except Missouri. Missouri residents are covered by a separate, but similar, settlement.

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