Finally, you’ll be able to get official Toyota parts, but it’s not quite as good as it sounds

The 1986-1993 A70-gen Toyota Supra might not be as famous as the 1993-2002 A80 Toyota Supra – you can probably thank the Fast and Furious franchise for that – but both were awesome cars and sporty in their own right. So much so, in fact, that they both have their own cult following. Parts, however, are becoming harder and harder to come by, but Toyota finally has an answer: The GR Heritage Parts Project. So, what genuine Toyota Parts can you get for your old-school Supra?

Toyota’s GR Heritage Project Will be Limited But You Can Change That

Genuine Toyota Parts Are Coming Back for the A70 and A80 Toyota Supra!
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Right off the bat, you should know that Toyota isn’t just going to start producing enough spare parts to completely refurbish your A70 or A80 Supra. Instead, the project will start out by producing a limited number of parts for each generation.

Genuine Toyota Replacement Parts for the 1986-1993 A70 Toyota Supra

  • Propeller Shaft
  • Door Handles
  • Fuel Sender Gauge
  • Weatherstrips
  • Front Emblem

Genuine Toyota Replacement Parts for the 1993-2002 A80 Toyota Supra

  • Headlamps
  • Door Handles
  • Brake Boosters

For those of you that don’t know, at least some of these replacement parts will come as a Godsend. Door handles for both generations, for example, can be very difficult to find, as can the fuel sender gauge for the A70 and the brake booster for the A80. To put it simply,

Toyota has carefully thought out what parts it will put into production first – the most commonly needed and hard to find.

However, while this list is limited right now, Toyota actually wants to hear from you and what you might need. This is a situation where the Supra community needs to work together, though. You can start by submitting your reproduction request form on the company’s website and be sure to tell them anything and everything you might need. After so long, Toyota will put them all together and will eventually use that data when making its decision of what parts it will produce next. In other words, if a vast majority of people request new shifter boots, for example, there’s a good chance Toyota will produce those. The same thing goes for other mechanical and aesthetic parts as well.

When Will GR Heritage Parts Be Available For the A70 and A80 Toyota Supra?

Genuine Toyota Parts Are Coming Back for the A70 and A80 Toyota Supra!
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As of now, Toyota hasn’t assigned part numbers to its new (well old, but new) products, but it does plan to start production of the parts listed above later on in 2020. Toyota has said that sales my be postponed until sometime in 2021 for “manufacturing reasons,” whatever that means, but within the next year or, at the very least, by mid-2021, you should be able to order these genuine replacement parts. The parts will be sold across North America and Europe and they’ll be available from Toyota retailers just like any other genuine Toyota part for newer cars. As far as pricing goes, we don’t expect them to be impressively expensive but they will come at a cost. Official pricing will be announced sometime in late-2020 or early 2021 once production starts and sales are officially scheduled to being.

Genuine Toyota Parts Are Coming Back for the A70 and A80 Toyota Supra!
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If you happen to be in Tokyo, you might be able to get a quick look at some of what GR Heritage Parts will be offering as it has its own booth set up at the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon from January 10-12, 2020.

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Toyota will reproduce spare parts for the A70 (1986-1993) and the A80 (1993-2002) model Supras as it launches the GR Heritage Parts Project, and will sell them both domestically and overseas including North America and Europe.
This project is an initiative that will reproduce spare parts that were no longer available, and sell them as genuine parts, in order for customers who have loved Supra for many years to continue driving them into the future.
Details on the specific parts and sale periods will be announced at later dates on the Toyota Gazoo Racing website In addition, reproduced parts may be purchased from Toyota retailers in the same way as normal genuine parts.
While reproduced parts may differ according to areas and model types, as of today’s date parts for the A70 model include propeller shaft, door handles, fuel sender gauge, weatherstrips and front emblems. For the A80 model this includes headlamps, door handles and brake boosters.
GR Heritage Parts will be also exhibiting at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 at Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba City) for three days from 10-12 January.

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