We are only on this earth for a short period of time, and before you know it, you’re time is up. As sad as it is to say, George Barris – the mastermind behind cars like the original Batmobile and the Munster Koach – has passed away, peacefully in his sleep, at the age of 89.

Brett Barris, George Barris’ only son, said in a Facebook post, “Sorry to have to post that my father, legendary kustom car king George Barris, has moved to the bigger garage in the sky.” He went on to say, “He passed on peacefully in his sleep at 2:45 am. He was surrounded by his family in the comfort of his home. He lived his life the way he wanted till the end. He would want everyone to celebrate the passion he had for life and for what he created for all to enjoy.”

In his lifetime, George Barris had his hand working on cars for Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, The Time Machine, Mannix, and High School Confidential. He even performed customizations for celebrities as well, including guys like Bob Hope and Elton John. DC Entertainment released a statement saying, “George’s design contributions to the legendary 1966 Batmobile thrilled fans of the classic Batman TV show, left an indelible mark on Batman legacy and lore and is still recognized as one of the most iconic vehicles of all time.” In the same statement, it also noted that Barris was a “true creative genius.”

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Why it matters

George Barris had a long career that included building cars for various motion pictures, and at one point, he even teamed up with toy company Revell to produce model car kits of some of the custom cars he had built over the years. Even with all of his work, and custom designed cars, nothing would be more iconic than the Batmobile that was built out of a Lincoln concept known as the Futura. It took $15,000 to build, and in 2013, Barris sold the car at auction for an astounding $4.6 million. George Barris leaves behind his son Brett and his daughter Joji. Some of us leave this world without even leaving a spec of proof that we even existed, but George Barris will live on forever through his children and the work he left behind. His lifetime of work has impacted the lives of countless people.

The Batmobile

1966 Batmobile Exterior
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