Most people would be ecstatic over the prospect of owning one BMW. Then again, Klaus Hammerschmidt isn’t most people.

The 73-year old German has been known as one of the most foremost collectors of BMW in the world and he’s garage is living proof of his undying love for his favorite car brand. What started with one car back in 50’s has grown to in number each passing year.

It seems hard-pressed to believe that recently, Hammerschimdt picked up his 135th BMW at the brand-new BMW delivery facility called the Welt.

You read that right. 135.

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The newest BMW to be added to Hammerschimdt’s collection is no other than a custom-made BMW M6 that comes with the Competition Package. That’s a far cry from the BMW 1800ti Hammerschmidt first purchased way back in 1965.

To date, Hammerschidt – how hard is it to spell that name, by the way – has over 26 cars from BMW’s Motorsports Divsion, 29 BMW Alpina’s and over 80 more Beamers in his collection.

Now, we understand if someone is fascinated enough with toys or trading cards to make it a life-long collection. Collecting cars, let alone BMW’s, by the bushel is a totally different matter altogether.

You’re going to need a well-deep set of pockets to be able to buy that many BMW’s and, not to mention, a garage that’s as big as a mall parking lot.

To put Hammerschimdt’s collection into perspective, we’re going to back to 1963 when he bought his first BMW. That’s 49 years ago, which means that in that time, Hammerschmidt has bought – on average – 3 BMW’s every year.

Let us know if you can top that.

Source: BMW Blog

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