This economic crisis has hit the automobile industry quite hard, first Chrysler filed for bankruptcy and now GM is going through the Chapter 11 proceedings. The impact has also been felt overseas, with European manufacturers canceling everything that isn’t guaranteed to turn a profit. So long super cars, bye-bye baby SUVs. If you are not a viable option at the moment see you later. It is a shame that this has to happen, because now some truly amazing cars that could have been will be put on the back burner or get swept away into a dark closet somewhere never to see the light of day again.

Our friends over at CAR have compiled a list of over 40 vehicles that are currently on hold, with no guarantee of ever returning to the manufacturer’s list of future production cars anytime soon. They include cars like the speedster versions of the Audi TT and Porsche Boxster, also on hold is the German sports car maker’s Roxster crossover. An S-Class coupe would have been an interesting luxury limousine to see sitting in a booth at an auto show, although we’re not sure if Volkswagen really needs a replacement for the Phaeton. There are two cars on the list that made us shed a tear. The first being the retro restyled BMW M1 super car and the other being a GT1 version of Porsche’s fabulous 911. Oh, when will this damn crisis be over?

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TT Speedster
TT Shooting Brake
Le Mans racer R15-based supercar
A7 shooting brake
A8 Sportback
Roadjet ESV


GT lightweight four-door coupe
M1 super car
GT2, replacement for the Z8
GT3, based on the future 3-Series
X4 coupé
1-Series shooting brake
6-Series shooting brake


R-Class replacement
S-Class coupe
S-Class limousine
Maybach 51
Maybach 57/62 replacement
C-Class coupé and convertible
SLT shooting brake
Smart ForTwo-plus-Two


Roxster crossover
Boxster Speedster
Cayenne Clubsport, a sportier rear-wheel drive model
Cayenne four-door coupe
911 GT1


Polo MPV
Phaeton replacement
Kübelwagen, based on the New Beetle
Polo cabriolet
Scirocco cabriolet
Phaeton II coupé
Polo Variant
Golf VI cabriolet


Mondeo coupe
Fiesta RS
sub-Ka city car
A-Max baby MPV
B-MAV-based crossover


Premium crossover based on Theta matrix
Tigra replacement
Astra TwinTop replacement
Corsa Caravan

Source: CAR

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  (116) posted on 06.14.2009

These German casualtiesw mean one thing. The global crisis is not only happening in the US shoreline. It is something that everyone should take a conscious effort to find a lasting solution!

  (289) posted on 06.14.2009

That is true as we all know the North American market is so fond of the Euro cars, so no wonder why the sales are raking low even on those German cars

  (137) posted on 06.14.2009

Even European markets are getting affected as the North American market and buying behavior contributes alot into the the stability of the greater picture of economic revival

  (231) posted on 06.14.2009

We have to accept the fact that the lukewarm market reception on car buying these days have affected these on hold production decision for many models, as many European car makers would not like to affect their sales record with this one.

  (318) posted on 06.14.2009

The German automakers now know what crisis means. I believe the this is not really a marketing failure but just a market slowdown.

  (314) posted on 06.13.2009

It sure does mean one thing. The world needs to act more cooncretely and organized regarding this crisis knowing that most car industries are affected there must be a global action that must be done to resolve this or we are not seeing some concepts in the future

  (421) posted on 06.13.2009

Its a global concern. Add the AH1N1 virus scare which now the WHO pademic level is raised to 6. Before people would think of going out, buying, moving around, spending money, they will surely consider thinking of keeping thier savings intack and uselfull anytime.

  (183) posted on 06.13.2009

As a whole, I am very disappointed with how the economic crisis is affecting the car industry. But on a lighter note, I’m happy that the 2009 Volkswagen Phaeton would not go under production. I just don’t think that its that flashy and deserving to hit the road under the VW banner.

  (182) posted on 06.13.2009

Not the Speedster! A friend of mine was actually preparing to buy that limited edition. It was supposed to go into production last year so I was very surprised that it was put on hold. I better tell my friend to consider other cars from now on.

  (177) posted on 06.13.2009

The Roxter would have done a great job in the market. And yes, it is very dismaying that all the nice cars would be put on hold. We might never be able to experiencing riding these cars because by the time the crisis is over, the current cars would by flying cars.

  (182) posted on 06.13.2009

On the other hand, I have already expected that there is a possibility that this would happen. The United States is a big market for the automobile industry. So no matter where the car is manufactured, it would still be affected by the crisis. I think that you are right there. I was also looking forward to Porsche Boxter. It was supposed to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year.

  (180) posted on 06.13.2009

When I first heard of the economic crisis. I thought that it would only be cars manufactured in the United States that is going to be affected. I have never thought that even European cars would be affected. It is such a shame that the Porsche Boxter is on hold. I’ve been looking forward to that more aggressive open air features of the new super car.

BMWM6  (488) posted on 06.12.2009

I hate this crisis its affecting me now mentally and physicaly

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