German Court orders destruction of all BMW X5 look-alike !

BMW X5 look-alike banned in Germany
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Last week, we brought you news about the Chinese counterpart of the BMW X5 and how the German court banned the maker from selling it in Germany. For those who thought the escapade was over, wait till you hear this.

A German court in Munich has slotted into top gear and ordered Shuanghuan to destroy all their SUVs plying German roads. Making matters worse is the court’s notice to importers, China Automobile, to pay compensatory damages to BMW.

BMW as expected is overjoyed with the court’s verdict which was imminent when BMW’s spokesperson stated that "We are pleased that the court has agreed with our views”

The not so happy Karl Schloessl of China Automobile Germany, said he would launch an appeal against the ruling, which is not yet binding, saying he was prepared to take the case to the European Court of Justice.

It was impossible to ban a vehicle in Germany that was allowed to be on the road in the rest of Europe, Schloessl said, adding that there were more than a 1,000 of them on the road in Italy.

This news serves as a slap on the face of Chinese automakers as a whole. If further verdicts support BMW which I think will, there would be no other choice for Shuanghuan other than plucking its SUVs off German roads and sending them to the crushers. With that said, Chinese automakers will be forced to think twice before bringing their copy cars to Germany again.


Source: China Car Times

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  (1022) posted on 10.11.2010

As if this will really change anything... all they have to do is put a little asterisk and then in small 8 pt font put the mileage... much cheaper to tell a low level employee to add that text to future than to hire a team of lawyers to fight this which would result in little, if any, benefit for the company.

  (520) posted on 07.9.2008

that is crazy, nobody should try to force me to buy a type of car, so what if i want to buy a Chinese copy of a BMW, it’s my choice, i just hope China will do the same thing: destroy all BMW SUV from their country

  (1022) posted on 07.7.2008

Well the article says, all the vehicles, so yeah, thats what they probably mean.

  (31) posted on 07.6.2008

This stupid isnt banning them enough!Those people retarded

  (68) posted on 07.6.2008

why? does that mean they’re gonna destroy the cars already bought? i thought it was just the cars not yet sold. if so, that .
hey ak47, i’ll reply to you later about our last disscussion, i’ve been busy lately and hadn’t have the chance to stay long on the computer.

  (1022) posted on 07.6.2008

I feel sorry for the people who have already bought one.

  (68) posted on 07.5.2008

exactly! they should have told the court to just have those immitation cars to just be banned in germany but not get destroyed. the chinese probably won’t take that as a big slap in the face as much since they know they get what they deserve.

notjustshrawan  (17) posted on 07.5.2008

timdog is right on the button..reverse effect could eventually happen..remember Brilliance, a chinese company, partners BMW in China..could lead to disaster..

notjustshrawan  (68) posted on 07.5.2008

Freakin’ awesome news! those cars deserve to be destroyed! but it might lead to china banning BMW cars from selling in thier country too. this smells war between germany and China, king of copycats!

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