German designer creates BMW Lovos concept

German designer creates BMW Lovos concept
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Fresh of their ground-breaking and revolutionary BMW Vision EfficientDynamics, another attention-seeking BMW-badged concept car is making some headlines these days.

German designer creates BMW Lovos concept
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We actually don’t know if it’s a porcupine, a car, or a combination of both. Either way, the car you’re seeing is the new BMW Lovos concept and was created by a 24-year old designer Anne Forschner from the Pforzheim University in Germany.

We don’t know what Ms. Anne was thinking designing this car, but he probably sees something we don’t with this car. For starters, its body of work suggests that it was inspired from a porcupine or fish scales. And if that can’t catch your attention, you might want to check out those matching Swarovski-decked lights for good measure.

We know car designers have a penchant for going a tad too overboard with their designs but this one seems to definitely fly over the cuckoo scale. Forschner’s design, which if you pay enough attention, comes with exterior pieces that’s coated with solar photovoltaic cells, which we assume, will have something to do with the car possibly running on solar or electric power.

Either way, we don’t think it’s a car we’d like to see out on the road anytime soon. Maybe ever.


Source: BMW Blog

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