Records come and records go, and one of the latest to fall is the fastest wheel change without the use of power tools. The above video shows you this fairly impressive feat.

The video shows four guys completing a wheel swap on a car with only a tire iron and a pair of jacks in 59.62 seconds. There are a few minor issues here and there, like the fact that you could see some of the guys were not tightening the lug nuts in the recommended crisscross pattern and none of them tightened the lug nuts to their required torque.

Regardless of the semantics of lug nut torque, I have to say that jacking up a car and swapping out the wheels in under a minute is pretty damn cool. What’s more, these four guys beat the standing record by a whopping 24.23 seconds. That’s quite an impressive feat indeed.

According to some of the commenters on the YouTube page, this record is a regular one to fall, and has fallen several times in the past decade. Despite its frequency of defeat, I think the 24-second gap between this record and the last one indicates that these guys will likely own this record for some time.

So kick back and enjoy this video, but take these guys’ process with a grain of salt. As a former mechanic, I can tell you to never remove the wheels of a car while it is in the air without jack stands, never lift both sides of a car at once with two jacks, and always torque your car’s lug nuts to the manufacturer’s specifications – “that’s tight enough” isn’t a safe policy.


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