German reporter hit by a car

A german reporter got hit by a car while he was doing his broadcast in the cross walk.

The day was rainy so maybe this is why the car that hit him so bad didn’t sow him. If he will get alive after this accident one ting is for sure: he will never do another live reads near oncoming traffic.

Source: Break

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Richie_Rich  (7) posted on 01.15.2007

Also check out the police officer or whatever the hell she is (in the back). You can clearly see that she is looking left and right. In case he was distracted by the camera or smthing she could of simply yelled or shout.
I concur : FAKE

Armando  (8) posted on 01.15.2007

FAKE! From his standing point of view he could easly see a car that was speeding twards him. What normal man could be so dumm as to go head to head with a speeding vehicle and hope to win?? C’moooooooon

Jessica  (6) posted on 01.15.2007

Don’t meen to be a nosy bi*ch but this kinda seems to me be a little FAKE.

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