It seems that the future of driving will be all about respect between drivers and pedestrians. And the german town of Bohmte did the first step in this way: they have scrapped all its traffic signs as part of an EU backed project to encourage responsible driving. The 13,000-strong town now has no traffic signs.

Hans Monderman, who is managing the "shared space" project said: "A rural town should look like a rural town and not like the Nuerburgring racing track. We divide traffic into cars, bikes and pedestrians, and believe that by removing the signs we raise awareness among road users for each other. The fewer rules there are, the higher the risk of accidents, but also it means drivers take more care. "

"The only two rules are to drive on the right, and the right-before-left priority at junctions. The only thing that I need to know when I drive to a city, is that I am in a city."

Source: Piston Heads

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