In the small but fiercely competitive world of hypercars, horsepower is obviously pretty important. But so are aerodynamics, and the latest crop of cars have made major leaps forward in this field. Specifically, the advancements are in the field of active aerodynamics, something that is coming to cars much later than it did airplanes. But as Christian von Koenigsegg mentions in this video, active aerodynamics aren’t always handled as efficiently as they could be, and he introduces a new kind of folding rear wing on the Regera.

The idea behind this setup is to simplify the mechanics of the wing in order to make the mechanism lighter, while also making it more aerodynamically sound by allowing more air to flow under the wing. The setup extends the wing out farther from the back of the car as well, which is another aerodynamic advantage. The downside is one that some will see as trivial, but still exists. With the mechanical workings on the top of the wing, they’re constantly in view, even with the wing down. Some might find this a bit aesthetically troubling, as most of the competition offers smoother lines on the rear decks of their hypercars when the wings are down.

2016 Koenigsegg Regera

2017 Koenigsegg Regera High Resolution Exterior
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Koenigsegg doesn’t have the kind of R&D budget that bigger companies like Ferrari and Porsche have. That Koenigsegg still manages to be at the cutting edge of innovation like this is a testament to just how good the engineering talent is at this little company.

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