This motorized bag makes crossing the airport a breeze.

If you’re someone who travels by air a lot, you probably spent a lot of time walking from one side of an airport to another. By the time you finally get through the long waiting lines, dealing with security (hopefully not getting stripped search on your way) and to your terminal, those cramped airline seats are almost comfortable. But, one company is hoping to make your travel through the airport fast and more efficient with the Modobag. Essentially an all-electric scooter in the form of a luggage bag, you can actually ride this thing through the airport. And, the best part is, its 100-percent approved by the TAA and TSA for carry on.

The bad itself has a weight limit of 260, so it’s accommodating even for taller and larger riders. With a compact and lightweight battery, the Modobag takes a full charge from a standard 120-volt socket in just one hour and can travel up to six miles on that single charge. There are even two speed settings – indoor and outdoor – that limit the bag’s speed to 5 mph inside and 8 mph outside. For the record, that’s two- to three-times faster than crossing the airport on foot. It’s built with a crush-resistant aluminum chassis and has a high-strength ballistic nylon shell for extra stability. According to Modobag, the built-in battery can last at least 4,000 charges, and there are two USB ports for charging mobile devices on the go as well.

For now, the total weight of the bag has yet to be disclosed, but Modobag is still undergoing the final stages of fine-tuning, so that’s understandable. From the looks of the video you’ll see in a moment, it doesn’t appear to weigh too much. For now, the Modobag is considered “InDemand” on Indiegogo and has raised a total of $388,704 as of the time of this writing. As of September 9th, 2016, this figure was 664-percent of the funds originally requested. Pricing is listed at $1,495 for a single bag, but it is currently on special through Indigogo for $1,095 plus shipping (about 26-percent off.) The company is also offering a tracking application for $69 (no more lost luggage,) a two-bad deal for $2,125 (28-percent off,) five bags for $5,225 (30-percent off,) or the “Company Pack” of 10 bags for $9,950 (33-percent off).

Keep reading to see the Modobag in action and to learn a little more about it.

Why it Matters

As you can see from the video, this little luggage bag is pretty cool. And, so far it looks to be a legitimate product that will actually become a reality for all of those who are interested. The company’s Indigogo page says delivery of bags for those who have already claimed theirs is estimated to be January of 2017. For the record, the single bag for $1,095 is the biggest seller, but that has been at least one person that has claimed the “Company Pack” for 10 bags. Sure, $1,000 seems like a lot to pay for a bag that’s small enough to be carried onto a plane, but if you’re someone who travels a lot, it could be a decent investment – you know, unless you like walking from one end of the airport to the other.

Source: Modobag

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