Can’t get enough of your PC? You want to work where ever you are? Even in your car? Why not! Karputer will be showing off ICEPAC2 at the British Motor Show from 20-30 July.

What is ICEPAC?

In Car Entertainment Personal Automobile Computer. It’s a PC... In Your Car!... or a van... a truck... a boat... or even a plane. The Personal Computer is more than a business tool, it’s the ultimate multimedia and entertainment platform. So why not have one in your car?

If all you want is multimedia the ICEPAC does it all, CD and DVD playback comes as standard on all modern PC’s and only a PC has the ability to playback and record virtually every audio & video media format around. You can fit a staggering 4 weeks worth of Mp3’s on the standard ICEPAC 40Gb hard drive! Why not upgrade to 100Gb and sqeeze 2 months worth of music in it?

But with all that spare processing power why not do something a little more useful with the ICEPAC? With the inclusion of a GPS antenna and some GPS software you can have the best sat-nav system around. With a postcode and map database unrivalled by any other consumer sat-nav system.

Step back a minute and look at what the Personal Computer was invented for in the first place, aside from being a damn good calculator. It’s a business tool too! You can have all the word-processing, spreadsheet manipulating, internet browsing capabilites you find in your office or home but you can have them on the move. Collect your emails while your stuck in traffic, hold a video-conference from the side of the road, mountain or ocean.

Prices for the ICEPAC2 start from 3100$ for the basic unit with a standard touchscreen, to 3700$ for the Ultimedia, which comes complete with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, multimedia and office functions and a motorised LCD touchscreen.

Source: Karputer

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