Anybody else wearing an Ecto 1 around?

Halloween is always a fun time for all of us, especially those who get to spend the day dressing up in costume. But for Ryan Scott Miller, Halloween is the perfect time to go all out on his son Jeremy’s costume. See, Jeremy is nine years old and is diagnosed with a spina bifida, a condition that hampers spinal cord development, forcing him to go around in a wheelchair. The disability hasn’t dampened Jeremy’s spirits and Ryan has made it a mission to dress up Jeremy and his wheelchair every Halloween in the coolest costumes imaginable. Over the years, Jeremy has shown up for halloween in a Batmobile, TIE fighter, pirate ship, glowing Electrical Parade float, and Captain America’s motorcycle. This year, Ryan went and recreated Jeremy’s wheelchair in the mold of the Ghostbuters’ Ecto 1 ride.

Mind you, this isn’t just an amateur take on the Ecto 1. It’s fully legitimate, right down to the roof rack at the back that that carries the cannisters, a ladder, a satellite dish and a warning light. Even the Ecto 1’s red fins and Ghostbusters logo on the side are present in the costume. And it’s all built around Jeremy’s wheelchair, which means that the costume moves as the chair moves.

The whole costume took around six weekend’s worth of work to build but the look on his son’s face when he got dressed up on it probably made all that hard work worth it. Best of all, both Ryan and Jeremy have made public appearances with Jeremy dressed up as the Ecto 1, most notably at the Rady Children’s Hospital Halloween party in San Diego, California after being invited by the Children’s Miracle Network.

Needless to say, Jeremy wasn’t the only one with a smile on his face because of his costume. We’re sure his dad is also proud of his work and we’re what it’s worth, we’re pretty stoked about it too. Good job, Dad.

Source: Youtube - Ryan Scott Miller

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